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Jet Travels Established on 1979 at Palakkad.
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With more than 43 years of expertise in the travel industry, providing top quality services to all our thousands of clients, Jettravels stands out as a hallmark in the topmost quality of services. We believe in being crystal clear in our operations. We always strive to be honest in our services, honest in our products and most of all, honest in our prices.
Under the new management we, Jettravels is now further equipped with more experienced management and staff who has well proven in the industry , and it will be a totally different experience for all our existing esteemed clientele and also for the new ones who are yet to join.
We have a comprehensive range of travel services, conventional and unconventional, business and leisure, and everything else in between to ensure that when it comes to travel you have everything you need, at the tip of your fingers.
We strive to be recognized as the low cost provider of travels services without sacrificing quality or on-time delivery. Our relentless passion for simplicity drives us to understand our true costs, and to be the benchmark of efficiency.
By keeping a finger on the pulse of the market, we are able to anticipate our customer's need at every step, and provide top-notch service-made possible by a motivated, dedicated & disciplined staff that does not find any task too difficult to accomplish.We are a disciplined, committed organization with customer satisfaction at the top of our priority list. In order to prepare to serve you at anytime, Jettravels is constantly working on the further developments and the creation of the better services.
We appreciate your business and hope to further develop with you in the various business fields.

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