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Air Ticketing

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Air Ticketing

We have a core group of experienced and highly committed travel consultants for domestic and international travel, business or leisure. With our extensive experience and knowledge in air ticketing, we are capable of providing the best possible fares with all scheduled airlines (full service as well as budget carriers)over the world.We are also equipped to analyze and recommend the most cost-effective and value-packed solutions to our customers.

We believe each customer is unique. precisely why, we provide tailor made services to suit your budget, time and destination. We offer a number of different ‘solutions’ packages for any requirement with choice of destination and suitable fares. We offer hassle free ticketing and travel services to our clients, even if it means the most complicated routings.

Owing to our expertise and experience in air ticketing, and our distinctive leverage with major airlines around the world, Jet travels offers the most competitive airfares for all sectors with most of the airlines. We also arrange for home delivery of air tickets, if required. As for budget carriers, we do web-based comparisons to locate the best viable option for our customers.

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